Community Restorative Practices

A peacemaking process focused on repairing harm that was done by communicating emotions and needs while taking steps toward healing

  • Used by workplaces to resolve disputes and improve workplace culture
  • Addresses conflict, repairs harm, and restore relationships through empowering those involved

In my almost 20 years in leadership positions in four organizations in four states, I have never been through a more effective session that empowers team members from the first moment to achieve greatness for themselves, each other, our organization, and our community we serve. Kelli and Molly quickly became trusted guides on our journey to become restorative champions. A journey that will happily never end at the Air Zoo.

Troy A. Thrash
President and CEO at Air Zoo in Kalamazoo

Restorative Practices in Schools

Restorative Conferences and Circles

  • Facilitated by adults to address misconduct and violence
  • Improve overall school climate for students and staff
  • Builds resolution skills, teaches accountability, promotes classroom safety and engagement
Peer Mediation

  • Trained youth leaders learn how to act as peer mediators in order to help their classmates resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Students learn and develop conflict resolution skills and coping strategies from within
  • This program empowers youth involved to play an active role in making their school safer and more peaceful
  • Students use direct dialog to come to a peaceful solution
Suspension Diversion Restorative Conferences

  • Used to reduce out-of-school time for students
  • Tasks the students with repairing the harm that they caused
  • Gives a voice to individuals who were harmed, and gives them the opportunity to express what they feel needs to be done in order to make it right

Restorative Practices help youth resolve conflicts peacefully.