Restorative Conferencing and Peace Circles are conflict resolution practices to repair harm and restore relationships among people after harm has occurred. Conferencing and Circles bring participants together to respectfully express their feelings, ask questions and have a say in the solution. They provide an alternative approach to wrongdoing.

At this training, you will learn how Restorative Conferencing and Peace Circles fit into the wider philosophy of Restorative Practices. You will study and practice how to facilitate a Restorative Conference and Peace Circle and you will learn skills necessary for good facilitation. You will imagine how these Restorative Practices can be used at your school, workplace or community to effectively resolve conflict and create a more peaceful environment.

This training will take place over several days: March 26, 27, 30, & 31 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Please bring your own lunch